Indie Hackers - Podcast Spotlight

The Indie Hackers podcast is a great interview series with independent business people in the technology space. It's focus is on entrepreneurship and building sustainable and profitable businesses.

This podcast is hosted by Courtland Allen, who himself has experience in the entrepreneurial game, and brought to you by the popular Stripe payment processor. Courtland has spoken to dozens of dozens of business owners across a huge span of industries and specialties.

One of the best parts about the Indie Hackers podcast is that it doesn't only focus on people's success stories. Many of the interview subjects have suffered low times in their pursuit of a winning business formula and aren't afraid to share what they learned along their journey.

In a world full of get rich quick schemes and Internet marketing scams, the Indie Hackers podcast offers true insight and education in to what is really involved with starting and maintaining a successful online business. If you are even slightly interested in starting your own technology business or are looking for answers to questions you have about improving your already existing business then there is a wealth of information available inside these episodes.

Recommended Episodes

Indie Hackers Episode 51: Rand Fishkin

Rand Fishkin was the founder of the popular search marketing platform Moz and is now the founder of a new startup in the same space called SparkToro. Rand discusses what it was like to run Moz, how he eventually left that business and much more that he's learn over the years.

Indie Hackers Episode 34: Mike Carson

Mike Carson is living every indie hacker's dream. He came up with a software idea and executed on it so well that it enabled him to make six figures every month. This episode of the Indie Hackers podcast has Mike talking about how he came upon his idea, what went in to building it and how it all has impacted his life since.


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